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March 09, 2007

My first 3 weeks. In sticky notes

Romy and Michele at least knew that the post-it was a powerful thing. If I could claim I had invented it, I’d…not be writing this blog.  But, still. I would still be using them to remind myself to pick up bread. I’d still be a writer.

So far, I’ve seen some work that I envy. I’ve allowed my intellectual predilection for large words that end in –ism to chill out until at least 6:30pm. And not even every night. I’ve met some people here, at Lure and Drive New Media that I hope to get to know better. I’ve hung around cool, creative people who don’t care if the Puritans were suffering post-Reformation trauma (or at least don’t quiz me about it). I’ve learned to use the sticky note to my advantage. I’m learning things about advertising because I get to work so closely with everyone here.

Also, my first 3 weeks at Think Creative Inc. have been a time for me to break up the rhythm of my analytical thinking and to try to jot down more random ideas. One by one. Without any real sense of a cohesive story yet. And that’s OK because I’m new to this business.  I’m hoping the staccato effect of my thoughts will quicken and flow.

A bed on a beach during sunrise [sticky] A man in a leisure suit [sticky] Me getting a stomach virus [sticky]

While the stomach virus wasn’t the “quicken and flow” I was so desperately hoping for, at least I capped off the first 2 weeks with a reduction in my waistline.

And the 3rd with a serious appetite.


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