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May 07, 2007

Guerilla marketing gets personal.

Here's something I noticed. One of our new clients is a new dining/shopping/recreation complex in town. Restaurants, boutiques, coffee house specialty stores, etc. After we won the account, I mentioned it to a few friends. They reacted with a litany of things that they didn't like about the place. Too new. Too cookie cutter. Not enough choices. So, immediately, I see we have some work cut out for us, as far as changing perceptions goes. But that's not the point of this post. Fast forward a few days. A different conversation with almost the same friends. As a happy hour suggestion, I threw out a bar/restaurant in that same complex. Everyone agreed. Immediately. Enthusiastically. One even said he'd been meaning to check it out on his own. So I learned a lesson. One that probably applies to everyone who makes a living trying to get people to do things, buy stuff and go places. As an advertising professional, my opinions are suspect. As a friend, my opinions are golden.


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