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December 29, 2008

Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Maybe.

2009 may find me a bit “hip critical”. What current things, perceived as hip or perhaps just plain old  overused, do you feel are worthy of a replacement? Here are some of my picks:

  • Uninspired. Predictable. 3rd word goes here. -- The three-word tagline
  • why such a heavy case of lowercase. someone capitalize something. please. and while i’m still typing. enough with the periods. already.
  • Distressed or out of focus text and images.
  • Flourishes of random graphic flourishes.
  • Bird, tree, and scull motifs.
  • Overdoses of website flash.

Let's rethink the old this New Year.


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Guitar Dad

Yes indeed - let's do away with all things overused and purportedly hip. I suggest, too, that we all strive to actually write well. Not you guys (you already do) but all those "other" marketing people whose prose never ceases to confound me.

Christine Cerniglia

Oh yes, amen to the flourishes. In fact, just today I persuaded a client who wanted a flourishy blog design to move in a different direction. Flourishes have become a fallback design plan... "Oh, what should I design? I'll just use flourishes." I'm guilty of it myself, and I think we all are, but it's time to say goodbye :)

Dina Mack

Thanks Guitar Dad and Christine for your comments! Happy New Year too!

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