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December 12, 2008

We all scream (and one of us lays on the floor)

Coming to you with a totally cool (literally) and truly awesome (literally) holiday moment. We have this client who we absolutely adore - Molly, from Sodexo, with whom we've been privileged to work with all year on cool stuff like this. So, knowing that she is a proud Buckeye, a true foodie, and very into the natural, local foods movement, Dina stumbled upon the most perfect gift ever - Jeni's Ice Creams, gourmet ice cream and sorbet that is homemade in her home state. Since she was out of town we had her delivery scheduled for sometime today.  Today comes, and a Jeni's box shows up in OUR office. Naturally, we assumed it was some sort of terrible mistake. They flipped the addresses, or worse yet WE did. Then we opened the card. 
Jenis ice cream
At which point, Mark gasped, I screamed and Dina fell on the floor (literally, that's how she expresses extreme shock and amazement). The moral of the story? I think it's two-fold:
1. The best client/agency relationships tend to exist between true kindred spirits
2. Ice cream RULES!


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Mark Krupinski

Congrats and great job on the sodexo site. I really like it.

Try not to get a brainfreeze :P

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