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March 30, 2009

Let’s have Blunch.

We want to know what food or topics you devour over the lunch hour. Share your lunch pictures or stories with us and we will share them with others in our new online video series “Blunch” set to air this summer.



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JT Taylor

Not sure you can actually use this, but I'll never forget this lunch thing:

I was about 14 years old and in Junior High (it was junior high back then). Anyway, I loved to wear those Jimmy'z skirts that had velcro instead of buttons, etc.

So, I'm carrying my tray full of food and this guy friend of mine runs up and tears my skirt off in front of the whole cafeteria. It was perfect because I couldn't do anything quickly enough, given that I had my hands full. There I was. In my underwear. In front of, well, half the school.

That guy was a jerk, but in retrospect it's hysterical.

Dina Mack

Thanks for sharing this story. ZOINKS -- 14 is a rough time for such exposure! You are probably still having flashbacks of this event (no pun intended)!

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