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April 28, 2009

I love those milky minutes.

Our current economy has led to creative frugality. Yawn. I know we are living in a state of recession but do we need to be subjected to coma-inducing advertising? If there ever was a time to inject joy into our collective consciousness, it is now. That’s why I love the AT&T “milky minutes” commercials. I currently use AT&T, but didn’t choose them based on their advertising. I just admire how they brought a boring subject (telephone minutes) to life in a fun way. The dialogue works. The concept works. I can relate to it. It makes me smile. Will I continue to use AT&T because of those milky minutes? Maybe, maybe not. But, I am more familiar with the term “rollover” in relation to minutes. Good commercial. Now, if only I had an Oreo.


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