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April 01, 2009

Make thirst, not love.

I’m in love with another man. There I said it. And not just any man, but The Most Interesting Man in the World. It’s been two years since Dos Equis debuted their dashing new spokesman. I’ve seen him presiding over “the real” happy hour amidst a bevy of cleavage baring admirers. Having an awkward moment just to see what it feels like. One night in a bar, I even found a coaster bearing the tale of the time he won a costume contest when he wasn’t wearing a costume. Like everyone else, I fell for his charm (so contagious they had to develop a vaccine for it). I couldn’t help it. The campaign was everywhere. And it was excellent. It drove me to arm-wrestle Stalin, to update my Facebook status with stolen one-liners (better believe I’m living vicariously through myself), and even, on a whim, to apply online to be his personal assistant. The one thing it didn’t do, however, was make me drink more Dos Equis*. All those entreaties to “stay thirsty, my friends” left me thirsting more for another commercial than anything else.

Then you have those boring Samuel Adams commercials about hops and brewery blah blah blah. I can barely remember what they said, much less repeat it verbatim. I have no desire to interact with the company in any novel way. But the last time it was my turn to buy beer, I decided to try some Sam Adams for a change.

So which is more effective – the ad that sells its product? Or the ad that sells itself?

*According to reports, the Most Interesting Man did successfully drive brand growth in core markets. 


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