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February 03, 2010

Picture + Paper + Personal = The Perfect Postcard

For anyone who laments the demise of printed mail (the funny stamps! the feel of paper!  the thrill of opening that metal box and seeing something other than a bill peeking out from the stack!), but relishes the speed and convenience of e-cards (I'm too lazy to go to the mailbox I'd rather just click a button!), Hazel Mail may just put your communication conflicts to rest once and for all.

The nifty program lets you upload your own photo from your computer or phone (yes, there's an app for that). Then it will create an actual postcard (i.e. paper), stamp it and mail it anywhere in the world, all for way less mental and financial hassle than it would cost to find a mailbox in the middle of nowhere. In the high technology vs. personal touch debate, this scores a solid  "best of both worlds." Easy as a Twitpic but just as personal as a handwritten letter from your childhood pen pal.  No, I didn't have one either, but I've read about them, and they sure seem swell.

All it really means, of course, is that instead of getting the typical birds-eye view of a beautiful landmark, my family and friends can now look forward to receiving snazzy prints from my ever-in-development "Hey look where my feet have been" series. Thanks, Hazel!

GC Feet


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Medical Advice

Really wonderful, A perfect gift for a perosn who is worthy of it!

Diane Levine

Definitely! I love the idea. Next stop - vacation!

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